It’s hot. I don’t particularly feel like cooking in my tiny, second-floor kitchen, but what do you do when your 3-year-old announces, “Let’s make meatballs!” I encourage any expression of culinary enthusiasm in my house, especially since my kids have become anti-foodies, subsisting mainly on vanilla yogurt and plain pasta.

My meatballs were a combination of ground turkey and organic chicken thighs, which I ground myself. I added diced onion, fresh parsley, an egg, ground walnuts (gluten-free means no breadcrumbs!), salt, and pepper. Mixed with clean hands, rolled into balls, and baked on oiled cookie sheet ’til browned. Voilà.

And for the easiest tomato sauce ever–when one doesn’t want to go the family recipe-route which involves the chopping of lots of vegetables and a tomato-splattered stove-top? Straight to Orangette’s tomato sauce with onion and butter. Delicious.

I served everything atop Tinkyada’s brown rice pasta.

When it came time for dinner, my 3-year-old refused the meatballs and wanted only plain pasta, no sauce. True to form.


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librarian, mama, bibliophile, foodie, pop-culture enthusiast, and design junkie
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2 Responses to sauce

  1. Todd says:

    oooo….I had that, it was good….REAL good.

  2. Todd says:

    oh, and I like the lady bug sitting in the background, kids….

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