summer reading

On Fresh Air today, Maureen Corrigan talked about a few of her summer reading recommendations. I love her reviews, and I always scurry to my Goodreads page to add books she mentions before I forget about them! In this list, there are two that I want to check out in particular: Young Romantics, by Daisy Hay, a “collective biography” about the group of poets and novelists that included Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Lord Byron; and 97 Orchard, by Jane Ziegelman, a gastronomic study of five immigrant families who lived at that address during the turn of the last century. The building currently houses the Tenement Museum, where I visited last year– pretty fascinating.

I hope to get some reading in this summer! My usual book-a-week rate has suffered considerably since I started school.


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2 Responses to summer reading

  1. Lisa Hoff says:

    Asia, I read that article as well and thought that 87 Orchard sounded really interesting. Oh! and I love the blog so far. Very creative and your girls are adorable. I look forward to reading more…

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