have a lovely weekend

What are you doing this weekend? We’ll try to hit our city’s annual festival, but even though I know my girls would like it I must admit– crowds and fried foods and bounce houses are not my cup of tea today. The woods beckon…

Photo from 10 sec. rule.


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librarian, mama, bibliophile, foodie, pop-culture enthusiast, and design junkie
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3 Responses to have a lovely weekend

  1. LittleBig says:

    I have always loved your guys’ photography so much.

    There’s an Apricot Fiesta a couple towns over that we might go to. We told some friends we’d meet them there a long time ago so we’re kind of committed even though I’m in the mood to go. I’m still tired and sunburn-y from Anthony’s graduation yesterday.

  2. asiajane says:

    I would go anywhere apricots were being celebrated…

  3. Todd says:

    Mmmmm…apricots. My mouth is watering now.

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