garden envy

I don’t have a green thumb. And I would say that I wish it were different, but I hate gardening (something about the wet dirt, the worms and grubs, and the fact that it’s hard). I do, however, love to reap the benefits of gardening. That’s why I signed us up for a CSA share and dutifully eat mountains of arugula every week. Aside from the eating, I love the way a gorgeous garden looks. I spend many mornings with my cup of coffee, looking longingly over at our neighbors’ lovingly tended plots. When we own a house again, I hope to have a plot of our own. Lucky for me, I married a man who is secretly a farmer at heart, and will try and grow things anywhere he can, even in the tiny strip of dirt on the side of the house next to our busy street. I spotted these lovely purply plants (blue and purple flossflowers, turns out!) at our local Agway and couldn’t wait for T to put them in the ground for me. I might remember to water them.


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4 Responses to garden envy

  1. Noah says:

    I too have been eating a lot of arugala from our CSA–I’m beginning to feel like a rabbit. For those interested, check out if you haven’t found a csa in your area yet.

  2. asiajane says:

    Yes, arugula, tat soi, spinach… the most difficult thing to use up is the lettuce, because you can’t cook it. Well, you can, but I prefer not to.

    CSAs are amazing, and they definitely inspire you to eat your vegetables!

  3. Joanne Capella says:

    Beautiful photograph.

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