book dreams

I used to think I was busy. Before I started school, I had a vivacious three-year-old at home and a gregarious five-year-old who was released from school by two in the afternoon. Add in “housekeeping,” grocery-buying, bill-paying, spouse-engaging, and there was little time left over to read. But read I did, every chance I got. That, however, was before I added grad school into the mix. Now, much of my free-ish time is taken up by blogging, tweeting, researching, reading textbooks and watching tutorials… and I really, really miss reading for pleasure. Just this morning I saw a tweet from Nancy Pearl, librarian extraordinaire, gushing about Irina Reyn’s book from 2008, What Happened to Anna K.— a reimagining of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina as a modern woman living in Queens. Picture me, mid-August, when classes are over for a few weeks: prone, book in hand, iced-tea nearby. Sigh.


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5 Responses to book dreams

  1. cafagan says:

    I saw that tweet also and had the same longing. I just bought a copy of The Postmistress by Sarah Blake from my local book store and am also longingly waiting for August 13th to begin to read it. Hopefully on the beach with a nice drink nearby- perhaps I may go for a pina colada!

  2. I definitely hear you. The last book I read for pleasure was over the break between the fali and spring semester. Back before graduate school I used to read everything I could get my hands on about classic movies, and really learned a lot about them and the people who made them. I’m so impressed with you, Asia. I can’t imagine though trying to get through graduate school with two small kids at home. I know if I had children I certainly wouldn’t have any time left for school.

    By the time this social media class ends, I’ll have to start reading for my fall class that begins August 31. 😦

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