My youngest brother and I have a new tradition. We just started it. This is it: from now on, we’re giving each other alcohol for presents. In recent years I’ve given him homemade cordial and the ingredients for Sidecars. Yesterday was my birthday and he presented me with a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin, and with it we made very refreshing tonics with slices of cucumber. It’s so great to get a bottle of something interesting that you might never buy for yourself (unless you’re Emily), so from now on that’s our go-to gift for Christmases and birthdays.

In case you’ve never tried Hendrick’s, it’s a really unusual gin infused with cucumber and, I think, rose petals. I’d never tried it before last weekend, when I went to Northampton, MA for a reunion and a friend of mine ordered a Hendrick’s martini.

Incidentally, until two days ago I thought I preferred vodka and tonics to gin and tonics. I even argued that vodka was superior, to which some can attest. I have rediscovered gin. You guys were right. There, I said it.


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4 Responses to gin

  1. Peg Q says:

    Happy birthday!! 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday, Asia. Gin infused with cucumbers and rose petals? Very intriguing — definitely not something I’d buy for myself.

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