sneaky’s return

This here is a picture of Nuala and Sneaky (full name: Sneaky Sam Snaky),  who was a gift to Nuala on her sixth birthday. She had been asking for a snake since taking a liking to them at our local science museum, and lo and behold, the day before her birthday Sneaky was rescued from death-by-hungry-robin by Todd.

On Monday, we were awoken by the excited cry, “Sneaky had babies!” It was strange not necessarily because we thought the snake was male (I mean really, who can tell?) but because we’d noticed nothing until the morning when she was suddenly surrounded by six baby snakes.

Sneaky’s full name was promptly changed to Sneaky Samantha Snaky.

Now, this morning, T and the girls decided to let Sneaky and two of her babies free. But–where was Sneaky? Nuala suddenly remembered she may have escaped while she was refilling the water bowl. Oops.

I spent the entire day worried that I might step on the snake, vacuum her up, or simply come across a dead Sneaky in a dark corner.

Tonight, however, T was working on his computer at the dining room table and felt a tickle on his foot. Sneaky had returned and wrapped herself around him. Cold-hearted snake, maybe– but she has clearly demonstrated her affection for us. Or at least, that’s what Nuala will think in the morning.

(Photo by 10 sec. rule.)


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