Yesterday we went to a friend’s pond for a barbecue and some swimming. There was some kite-flying, too. My cousin made burgers of local beef, and the kids roasted marshmallows for dessert.

I have lately considered myself a town mouse instead of a country one, but man did I get a thrill when I watched Nuala put her hand on the back of the pickup truck my cousin was using to shuttle food and supplies, and swing her legs over and into the bed just like she’d been doing it her whole life. So badass! And then, when I realized I had forgotten my suit (and didn’t want to go swimming in my underwear because I am simply too modest), Annie climbed into that dark, velvety pond by herself and with the aid of her swimmies dog-paddled clear across, while Todd sat sentry on the dock. My kids are so brave! And badass! (Except when they’re not, of course.) The country air must bring it out in them.

The quiet, the pond, the fallow fields, the cricket-song, the amble back to the house–all made me reconsider my disdain for country living. I’m not sure I’m willing to give up the short walk to school just yet, but it’s something to think about. In the meantime, the country sure is a nice place to visit.

(Photo by 10 sec. rule.)


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4 Responses to summertimes

  1. Elise says:

    Your photo is beautiful! I love the angle, the blue sky and the tiny kite all the way up in the air. Sounds like it was a lovely day!

  2. LittleBig says:

    Your kids are badass. I totally love them.

    As a native of the ‘burbs I imagine leaving our happy neighborhood for either the city or the country about a hundred times a year. But I’m really lucky with where we live, so I’ll probably stay put.

    • asiajane says:

      Suburbia can be awesome, too. And to be clear: my city is smallish. We’re not talking about leaving NYC for Podunk, or anything extreme like that. But Todd REEEEEEEEEELY wants a big old garden some day and housing downtown is relatively expensive (not CA expensive! but still) so we may have to expand our search once we get to buying a house.

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