why i have no clothes

I’m getting really good at getting rid of things. I mean, really good. So good, in fact, that I now have twelve pairs of shoes, which is significantly less than the average woman my age (40-60 pairs; I read it on the Internet). This collection includes a few pairs of sandals, two pairs of high-heels (black), and three pairs of sneakers.

I’m not proud of my tiny collection, because it points to the fact that I’m getting really good at getting rid of things, but not so much at replacing them. Couple an affinity for cleaning house with an almost pathological inability to part with money. Then add an insistence on buying things that will 1) last a really long time and 2) be suitable for multiple occasions. Finally, there is the fact that I dislike shopping. A well-edited wardrobe is one of my life goals, but I’m having serious trouble lately making decisions about what to include, shoes and otherwise.

One of my style icons is Jean Seberg in A bout de souffle. I would live in her striped shirts, cigarette pants, flats, and pixie cut. I can get away with almost all of those things, but the hair ‘do is not one of them (I tried it).

I have an aunt who exhibits the most elegant, effortless taste. She always looks completely at ease in her clothes, classic. Her daughter, my cousin, is the same way; I consider them two of my fashion icons. They’re smart about shopping, looking for a good sale, spending money where it counts, and saving items that have timeless appeal. So I admire them for that as well.

Despite my having some really good style icons, and good intentions, I tend to dress like Liz Lemon most of the time. And we all love Liz Lemon, but let’s face it– we don’t want to emulate her endearing lack of fashion sense.

For fall, my wish list: a merino cardigan, excellent pants, sturdy (in a good way) shoes, comfortable flats, and a timeless dress. I am open to anyone who wants to play personal shopper.


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2 Responses to why i have no clothes

  1. cafagan says:

    I always wanted to dress like Audrey Hepburn, but I think I am more likely a candidate for “What not to Wear?”

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