the orchard

My littlest brother has been a musician for most of his life. As a kid, he started a band with friends, called Hey Little Buddy, whose claim to fame was that they played Green Day covers (not to mention a catchy eponymous tune that was completely original). Hey Little Buddy morphed into another band, which Milo played with until the fateful year he had to choose between going on tour with them or going to Florence for his year abroad in architecture school (oh, yes, he’s also an architect, did I mention that?). He chose Florence. The band went on without him. They became famous, in the MTV-Video-Music-Awards way. Milo came back from Florence and started another band. It’s been a long haul, but today Ra Ra Riot’s second full-length album, The Orchard, releases. I’m super- excited. And super-proud of my littlest brother.


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2 Responses to the orchard

  1. cafagan says:

    You should be proud- they sound great. I see they are going to be in Northampton, not too far from me. I’ll try to get over there and check them out.

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