21 days

I had 21 days off between the end of summer term and the beginning of fall term. In those 21 days I planned to read a stack of books, but I read only one. Well, I finished one I had started ages ago (Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann) and I read one I had been looking forward to (What Happened to Anna K., by Irina Reyn).

I am trying to get into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson, but it’s not working! I hope this doesn’t make me a bad librarian-to-be. Someone told me that Nancy Pearl says if you’re not into the book within the first fifteen pages, put it down and find another. I may just do that, since I listen to anything Nancy Pearl says and since reading for pleasure these days is even more precious than it used to be.

In between reading Reference & Information Services in the 21st Century and numerous articles regarding telecommunication and information policy (yay!) I have two books at the top of my to-read list:

The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr, because I suspect the Internet is turning my brain into mush and I’d like to have confirmation and

Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins, because I dig dystopian fiction for young adults, for some reason, and her series is a thrilling, quick read, which is what I need right now.

So, I’m about to unplug for the next two days. Fall term starts on Monday. Happy weekend!

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9 Responses to 21 days

  1. Melissa says:

    Asia, you’ve got to stick with the Millenium series! I loved those books! But I do think the first one takes more than 15 pages to get going, so I hope you’ll keep trying. Enjoy the rest of your time off. 🙂

  2. LittleBig says:

    First off, Nancy is right. When I first got this job I made it my mission to read as many YA books as possible to be as familiar with the subject matter as possible. I read a lot of crap that I absolutely hated (along with many wonderful things) and I wish I would have taken her advice sooner. Now if I’m not into it I can say, “I’m out!” with no regrets. Reading is not something I have much time for anymore, sadly. Once the baby is a bit older I plan to tackle my goodreads “to read” list.

    Have a great weekend!
    P.S. Your glasses (& Nuala) are adorable

  3. Breean says:

    You are right, we talked a lot about this during my summer class- although I think she gives a book 50 pgs. She thinks you only need to read a book long enough until you know who it’s for. She also has NO interest in the millenium series and thinks she has no responsibility to read something so widely read. Librarians should find the good books no one goes looking for, and promote those instead.

  4. asiajane says:

    Breean, can I just say, everyone I talk to is totally envious of your class with Nancy Pearl!

    I put the Girl on the shelf. I may come back to it someday, but I like what you say about how librarians should promote the lesser-known books.

    There are so many wonderful YA books, aren’t there, LittleBig? And thanks for the glasses compliment. 🙂

  5. LittleBig says:

    I really like the idea of promoting lesser-known books. I try do that frequently in my library. No one needs to hear me gush about Harry Potter! They KNOW Harry Potter. The best is when you introduce a kid to something wonderful they wouldn’t have read otherwise. And they love it.

  6. Erika says:

    Asia – your mom sent a link to your blog, so I had to say hi! I read all the dragon books over the summer. I also like cheesy books like Breaking Dawn (also read this summer). Recently I read World without End by Ken Follett and it was worth the 1000 + pages. Just started The 19th wife and I need to put it down …. test is Chemistry on Thursday!

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