summer’s end

School starts tomorrow. This time of year, I think, is exquisitely bittersweet: summer vacation comes to an end much too soon, but the fresh start of a new school year is just so exciting. There is an end to languid days spent listening to Harry Potter while lying upside down on the couch (that would be Nuala) and spontaneous takeout dinners at the lake. But there’s the rush of activity, friends new and old, and a bevy of new experiences to look forward to. As a kid, I adored the fluttery feeling before the first day of school.

Yesterday the girls and their cousins went swimming in the lake despite the fact that it was a mere 65 degrees. Afterward, they built a fire on the beach, and roasted marshmallows. Later, they conceived of a club for kids only (“Kid’s Club,” naturally) whose headquarters were located in the woods behind the cottage. See the club in all its glory above. It was a fitting end to summer vacation.

This year, three out of the four members of our family will be attending school, grades ranging from pre-school to graduate/professional. It should make for an interesting, though comically eventful year. I’ll try and keep up.

(Photo by 10 sec. rule.)


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3 Responses to summer’s end

  1. LittleBig says:

    Isn’t it amazing how cold weather or cold water never seems to deter kids from swimming? I always see kids swimming in the ocean near SF even though the water is FRIGID.

    New school year, good times.

  2. asiajane says:

    Oh, they love swimming… I’ve got a couple of mermaids.

    New school year=exhausted mama. Forgot about that part.

  3. Jingle says:

    I bet.
    Fall is cool too after summer is over.

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