here’s what you do

Here’s what you do, when you’re feeling a little run down and life doesn’t seem to want to let you take a breather. Doing all of the following at once is best, but any of them alone work well, too:

Put on your husband’s shirt. It’s soft, and smells like him.

Pour some hot coffee.

Put on your current favorite song, as loud as your neighbors will allow.

If you can avoid burning yourself (maybe put the coffee down), dance.

You’ll feel better instantly, I promise.


About asiajane

librarian, mama, bibliophile, foodie, pop-culture enthusiast, and design junkie
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4 Responses to here’s what you do

  1. LittleBig says:

    When Anthony was gone a few weekends ago I wore his shirts everyday. It definitely helped.

  2. Todd says:

    Where can I get a suitable shirt if I don’t have a husband? I might get funny looks if I wear my wife’s shirt.

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