nuala’s dogs

A few weeks ago, we went to a dog show nearby. Now, Nuala is obsessed with the idea of getting a pet. For a while, we had Sneaky. I’m frequently asked, “Mama, when do you think we’ll be able to get a horse?” It’s understood than in a few years, we’ll begin the search for our perfect family dog. For now, Nuala is counting on Santa to bring her a lizard (“Bearded dragons make the perfect pet!”).

When we went to the dog show, Annie and Nuala oohed and ahhhed over all of the dogs, and Nuala borrowed Todd’s camera to take pictures. These are her photos! A kid’s view of a dog’s world. I think she did a good job capturing these characters.

So stately.

Nuala thinks she may want to be a dog photographer when she grows up.

The ears! I love them.

Yes, this photo's a little blurry, but if anyone's a little blurry, it's this guy.

This is Zeus. He was there as a supporter.


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4 Responses to nuala’s dogs

  1. LittleBig says:

    She did an EXCELLENT job.

  2. Liz says:

    I like the last photo…she did a great job.

  3. asiajane says:

    Thanks, Liz. Maybe Nuala can be the future Annie Leibovitz of dogs!

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