bumpy start

We had a bumpy start to the New Year. I mean that figuratively and literally. I blame the fact that I am still on vacation, and my brain is not functioning properly.

On Monday, I tried to drop Annie off at preschool, only to find that it was closed. For a “planning day.” I was THE ONLY parent who did not know this. While I felt bad for dragging her out of the house for no reason, my biggest concern was that I wouldn’t get to read The Book Thief, uninterrupted, for two hours on the couch like I had planned.

On Thursday, I went out to lunch with my cousin, out of town, because Nuala had Spanish after school, which gave me an extra hour before I had to pick her up. Or so I thought. Her teacher was very nice about it when he left a message saying that Spanish class didn’t start until the following week, she was fine, hanging out with him and his kids in the classroom, just come get her when I could, but that he would “not be teaching her any Spanish.”

Then on Saturday, I hauled a bunch of stuff out of the apartment, which I sold or traded to various second-hand shops or dropped off at the Salvation Army, bought an adorable set of vintage teacups and saucers (blue!), and was feeling really good about getting that done until I inadvertently backed into a street lamp. To be fair, who puts a slim black street lamp three feet from a giant telephone pole, even in the name of cutesy historic preservation? There is a really good chance a perfectly capable, efficient, busy mom-on-the-go will look several times each way to avoid the telephone pole and any innocent pedestrians, but not notice said street lamp and back into it, thereby breaking the driver-side mirror off her already shabby-looking Volvo. I am proof of that.

At any rate, week two holds promise. Classes start soon, so I have Focus. There is picturesque snow. I’m halfway through my second novel in two weeks (Imperfect Birds, by Anne Lamott). The mirror will be fixed today. And I plan on baking this banana bread, which, in my mind, has the power to improve most anything.


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2 Responses to bumpy start

  1. LittleBig says:

    The cups are GORGEOUS. Seriously. Fuck that light posts’ mom.

  2. asiajane says:

    I know and I got five of them with saucers!!

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