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bumpy start

We had a bumpy start to the New Year. I mean that figuratively and literally. I blame the fact that I am still on vacation, and my brain is not functioning properly. On Monday, I tried to drop Annie off at … Continue reading

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i’m not dead yet.

  I almost quit. It’s embarrassing to admit that I was thisclose to becoming one of the gazillions of dead blogs out there, but true. But then WordPress sent me an end-of-the-year breakdown, all engineered to pump me up. And … Continue reading

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nuala’s dogs

A few weeks ago, we went to a dog show nearby. Now, Nuala is obsessed with the idea of getting a pet. For a while, we had Sneaky. I’m frequently asked, “Mama, when do you think we’ll be able to … Continue reading

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accordion for the soul

Heard this lovely song this morning. Accordion music is good for the soul. Truth.

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box in box

Saw this adorable/neat/clever contraption on My Rocking Wardrobe this morning, a super fun site I found by way of Cup of Jo. I would love a “box in box” to organize the gazillion do-dads my kids collect.

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here’s what you do

Here’s what you do, when you’re feeling a little run down and life doesn’t seem to want to let you take a breather. Doing all of the following at once is best, but any of them alone work well, too: … Continue reading

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scotch & soda

It’s a sad fact of life that time flies when you are trying to cram too much stuff into a short span. Take my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, for example. I drop Annie off at 8:50ish and get home … Continue reading

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